Kids Karting – Parties and Events

Did you know that as far as we are aware – we’re the only people in the UK that do mobile kids karting with proper karts!

Of course we can also offer the battery karts that you find everywhere – usually known as a go kart party, and in fact we have 12 of them, so if you want an indoor party – using one of our amazing indoor inflatable circuits – we can do it! Most companies can only offer 4 karts – but it’s a lot more fun with 8! More info on the battery karts can be found on our dedicated site at

But if you have the space outside, say in a meadow, flat grass field or large lawn (we wouldn’t recommend a ‘bowling green’ type lawn unless you don’t mind tyre tracks!) then why not do something unique – a kid’s outdoor grass karting party?

Our kids karts are the same as their grown up brothers, ie are based on proper circuit racing karts, and come in 2 flavours – Bambini and Cadet. Both are powered by brilliant Honda engines and have off road tyres so they will go places where an ordinary kart won’t.

For safety they have also been fitted with remote engine cut outs so that the marshals can cut the engines from afar, and they also have harnesses and a roll-bar. Because they were designed to be in close proximity to other karts on tight tracks, they have retained their impact bumpers all around, so the drivers are protected in case of a collision. So now you know what they are – you can find out we do with them?

We set up a huge inflatable track, that is kept up either by an electric or a petrol power fan – so we’re not tied to where we can set up. Within this perimeter we can set up a circuit that is as simple or as hard as it needs to be, using cones, tyres and other inflatable barriers. We’ll also section off a pit area, in case they have to pit for any reason.

After getting suited and gloved up, with a helmet and neck brace being fitted and allocated to each child, we have the very important safety briefing. We’ll have sent out a copy of what we’re going to say well in advance of the event so that the parents have a chance to read it to the kids so that they know what’s coming. The briefing really is quite important, and the event start will be delayed if the kids don’t pay attention – as we’ll be testing them! We have to be confident that they will abide by the rules, as we rank safety as paramount, and won’t take any chances.

Once we are set up – now the fun begins!

We will discuss with you in advance of the date how you’d like us to run the party. The drivers are now grouped up in smaller interim groups and they would go out in a practise session so they can get used to the karts and the course, and so that we can get a measure of the drivers’ skills. Once that had completed, we’d then group them up according to ability in as many karts as you’ve selected, to keep it equal when it comes to the racing. We won’t give away how we do this – we have our own special method! Now it’s time for the racing!

We can offer various types of racing – short oval or bendy (with chicanes), again this will have been decided in advance. We can also set colour teams (the kids love choosing team names too!) – so that there’s one of each colour in a group in the first heat. The heats decide the team winners. We will continue the heats until the semi finals, and then the final race – but these are to decide the overall individual winner, and will be presented with a cup on our podium! Runner up and participants medals are also available.

How about adding our video package – where our specialist team will come along and video the day, including drone footage, on board kart GoPro footage, and video interviews, all professionally edited and put together?

It is essential that a waiver has been signed by the parents of each and every child participating – even spectators (young or old).