Grass Karting – What to expect

If you love high octane driving that pumps adrenaline through every vessel of your body then you have found the right place!

What is Grass Karting?
Grass Karting was invented by a Spitfire test pilot Alex Henshaw in the 1950s who loved tinkering with machinery on his farm in Lincolnshire. He founded a club which still exists today, but it was in New Zealand that the sport really took off. this is raw fun! The United States weren’t far behind though, and developed their own form of Grass Karting on short ovals – the Nascar of karting! Essentially a grass kart is a flat chassis kart with a rear roll bar (or not), and is not to be confused with buggies.

Grass Monkeys are the only commercial grass karting company in the spirit of the original concept.
This is Grass Karting NEw Zealand style in the 1960s…

Grass Monkeys have taken commercial track karts and extensively modified them to bring you Britain’s only commercial Grass Karting outfit – and what’s more – we can offer 3 flavours of racing! Our Grass Karts have a completely different gearing system to normal track karts, affording them lots of torque and rapid acceleration, at the same time they are fitted with much bigger wheels than a track kart so that humps bumps and mounds are no problem.

Here are some of our Grass Karts undergoing testing on the farm – hills are no problem! Check out how manoeuvrable they are!!

Almost all off road karting operations only allow stage karting – where the karts go off at intervals and don’t meet, but that’s where we are completely different! Our unique grass karts still come with the rugged bumper systems found on indoor karting tracks, so that proper full on bumper to bumper action is the order of the day (although it must be emphasised that deliberate ramming will get you black flagged and out of the running).

What else is different? Well, put a track kart on a bumpy surface and while yes they will eventually move – they prefer the slick flat surfaces of asphalt or concrete, and acceleration is woeful. Put your foot down in one of our karts and wow! The acceleration is phenomenal! The gearing in the adult karts is also variable – so once you are moving the ratio’s change so that you have the best of both worlds – low down torque and long distance speed. So throw the kart into a corner, flick the wheel and put it into a slide, keep the power down and the engine will throw enough torque down to keep you power drifting round the bend… off the throttle and it straightens up and off you go! Seriously the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

So what kind of racing can you do with our grass karts? Well we can set them up in different ways – using different wheels, tyres, and tyre pressures. That means we can set them up for drifting, for short ovals, or for endurance/circuit racing.